Will Barcodeye work with uniquely-developed smart glass hardware?

If the hardware is developed using Android OS, then Barcodeye can be customized to run on any unique product ? and at a minimal development cost.

How fast is Barcodeye’s reading speed?

For VUZIX M100, the reading speed is 1 - 2 seconds.
One thing to bear in mind is that while we do undertake regular software improvements to enhance Barcodeye’s reading speed, the reading speed for any hardware greatly depends on the hardware’s autofocus performance, and resolution.

Can Barcodeye read multiple barcodes?

Great question!
We’re happy to answer that February 2014 will see the release of a new model that will read multiple barcodes at once.

Can Barcodeye connect to a smartphone or PC?


It depends on the hardware, but it is possible to connect Barcodeye to smartphones and PCs via WiFi and Bluetooth.

We would like to integrate Barcodeye into our uniquely developed hardware. Do you offer product and technical support?

We’re pleased to provide product and technical support both during and after integration.