Performance Requirements:

A regular barcode reader reads from a close distance (within 5 - 30mm), but a reader integrated into smart glasses requires not only the ability to read from long distances (30cm to 3m) but also to read at an angle in order to read barcodes above the user's head and at the user's feet. Also, switching between operations on smart glasses without using a keyboard (i.e. by hand) could shake the glasses and displace the built-in camera scanner and display, which would greatly decrease effectiveness. Therefore, simple and safe operation is necessary.

BarcodEye operational ideas:

  • Using our in-house developed BarcodEye Generator PC software that not only generates a barcode, but also works as a database into which product information (parts, color, size, etc.) and location information (row # and column #) can be input
  • Ensure the barcode generated by our BarcodEye Generator PC software can be printed on a regular printer
  • Printed barcodes attachable to products and shelves
  • Smart glasses enable hands-free product information and product status, improving efficiency
  • An operator can easily change product information and location information on the cloud from his/her PC